Rapid Typing Tutor Free Download

Rapid Typing Tutor Free Download

This article demonstrates how to completely download and install Rapid Typing Tutor 5. 4 on a computer. For recommendations on installing Rapid Typing Tutor v5.4 on your computer, click the clear download web and the instructions beneath. Desk of contentsabout the softwarerapid Reading Professor v5.4 Program Requirementshow to Download and Use Speedy Typing Professor v5.4required folders

About the tool

With the newest reading mentor, improve your typing accuracy and speed! With Rapid Typing Tutor you will learn using your keyboard more correctly in just a few convenient lessons for absolutely free. While adults can require pre-configured courses or make their own coaching lessons, children can learn by playing a typing sport. Rapid Typing Tutor is perfect for adults and kids, students and teachers, and provides extensive reporting and success monitoring for every college. Prominent statistics include 15 different parameters, including words – per – tiny, protagonists – per – moment and accuracy reports.

The revolutionary reading mentor has a cheerful and intuitive user interface full of colors to get learning to type cool. The typing professor offers comprehensive sure data in tables and tables as well as a variety of visual signals to aid adults and children in learning how to use the computer console. Supporting many buyers makes Rapid Typing Tutor suitable at schools, colleges and universities.

The opportunity of Rapid Typing Tutor to design their own programs that are specifically tailored to each school may be found to be fully indispensable by secretary, teachers, and writers. Making your own reading teacher that meets your needs is made possible by customs courses. A specially designed typing mentor is your best option if you need to learn a particular code, set of keys, or keypad layout.

A complete remote keyboard with both hands moving over it to show the appropriate typing position for each hand and thumb is included in the complimentary coding teacher. Highlighted areas for each finger make placing your fingers correctly a second essence in no time.

For non – typical design users, Rapid Typing Tutor automatically creates a new virtual keyboard based on the layout. By quickly switching between them, you can take typing lessons for various keypad design.

The main features of Rapid Typing Tutor are:

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