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CVINE Premium Toasted Coconut Flask
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Thank you for visiting CONSECRATES FOODS’ website. If you love Snacks, Spices, Tea, and Soft Drinks, you've come to the right place. Our company is built on PASSION - a passion for food transformation, a passion for healthy living, and a passion for making the world a better place.

We hope you will enjoy our top quality products. Whether you pick up a few packs or sachets or cans or bottles in your local supermarket, or order someone a gift assortment from our on-line order section, we look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

CONSECRATES FOODS have you crafted in mind. We don't compromise quality as we continue to look for ways to bring you delicious, wholesome foods. We are looking forward to introducing different type of products in the nearest future. With you crafted in our minds!

Someone once said that the next best thing to keep you stress free and active, is making CVINE products your best friend. But for a growing number of our customers, our brand is the best friend you can ever have. It keeps you stress free. People often ask us about our formula for success. We see it this way: growing up as kids, we often consume peanut burger. But we never actually lose our taste for this sticky stuff.

Most of the CVINE products on the supermarket shelves are formulated, packaged and marketed with all class of humans in mind. But in reality, adults eat more of our products than kids every day. And while most adults grew up on mass market brands, as we get older, we are ready for something a bit more sophisticated. And that’s where CVINE products come in. We’re the good-for-you, indulgent treat that appeals to adults as well as kids.

A food processing company in Lagos Nigeria
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CVINE Premium Burger
CVINE Premium Burger
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So far we've developed inter-personal relationships with our customers. We've been able to play key rules in the employment sector in Nigeria. We have a good network of distributors, reasons our products are seen in worst remote areas in Nigeria and abroad. Our reviews can tell you much about us. Let our customers tell you more.

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Remember, we have you crafted in mind. So all our products are assured for it best of qualities.

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